L18L3PD1 5B10W13909 Lenovo ThinkPad T14s 20T1S3B404 Laptop Battery
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L18L3PD1 5B10W13909 Lenovo ThinkPad T14s 20T1S3B404 Laptop Battery

  • DISCLAIMER: If item is not available in stock at the time of purchase, an order must be placed, where 70% deposit of the amount is required upfront, 30% to be paid upon delivery.
  • Delivery within 10 – 14 days.
  • Availability : In stock (can be backordered)
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  • DISCLAIMER: If item is not available in stock at the time of purchase, an order must be placed, where 70% deposit of the amount is required upfront, 30% to be paid upon delivery.
  • Delivery within 10 – 14 days.
  • Availability : In stock (can be backordered)
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by CallWhatsAppEmail.


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T490s 20NX001FCD, ThinkPad T14s(20T1/20T0), ThinkPad T14s-20T00044GE, ThinkPad T14s-20UJS00K00, ThinkPad T14s 20T0CTO1WW, ThinkPad T14s 20T0S0AC00, ThinkPad T14s 20T0S0DH00, ThinkPad T14s 20T0S0H800, ThinkPad T14s 20T0S0K700, ThinkPad T14s 20T0S0KK00, ThinkPad T14s 20T0S0QU00, ThinkPad T14s 20T0S0WN00, ThinkPad T14s 20T0S0Y800, ThinkPad T14s 20T0S02D00, ThinkPad T14s 20T0S02G00, ThinkPad T14s 20T0S02000, ThinkPad T14s 20T0S04200, ThinkPad T14s 20T0S05400, ThinkPad T14s 20T0S1BJ00, ThinkPad T14s 20T0S1K400, ThinkPad T14s 20T0S1KQ00, ThinkPad T14s 20T0S15S00, ThinkPad T14s 20T0S15U00, ThinkPad T14s 20T0S16V00, ThinkPad T14s 20T0S17H00, ThinkPad T14s 20T0S18T00, ThinkPad T14s 20T0S18Y00, ThinkPad T14s 20T0S13300, ThinkPad T14s 20T0001CPB, ThinkPad T14s 20T0003EAU, ThinkPad T14s 20T0003FAU, ThinkPad T14s 20T0003LAU, ThinkPad T14s 20T0003MAU, ThinkPad T14s 20T0003NAU, ThinkPad T14s 20T0003PAU, ThinkPad T14s 20T0003QAU, ThinkPad T14s 20T0003RAU, ThinkPad T14s 20T0003SAU, ThinkPad T14s 20T0003TAU, ThinkPad T14s 20T0003UAU, ThinkPad T14s 20T0003VAU, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S0DE00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S0G62V, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S0G300, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S0G700, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S0G800, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S0TC11, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S0TU00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S0XV00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S0YH0R, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S02K2C, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S02L44, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S06F0C, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S1CT0F, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S1CT13, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S1KB0J, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S1KC0R, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S1NV04, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S1PF00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S2F71E, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S2K600, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S2K700, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S2LY00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S2M700, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S2NW00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S2V000, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S2V200, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S2W10Q, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S3B404, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S3BB0A, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S3EX00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S3EY00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S3GG00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S3KX00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S3KY00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S3L100, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S3L200, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S3L300, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S3QQ02, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S4D100, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S4F30C, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S4MT00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S4S41G, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S5E600, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S5FM01, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S5S400, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S5UA00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S5VV00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S5WF00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S5WR00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S5YF00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S6AB06, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S6C300, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S6NL00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S6NM00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S6QD00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S6TV00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S6UY00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S6WL00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S7BR00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S7CW00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S7CX00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S10R00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S13Y00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S14G0A, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S14G05, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S15K2Q, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S15P28, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S16N01, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S20Q00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S24F0S, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S24G0K, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S24H15, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S36J0H, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S38S00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S48C0H, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S50Q00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S62U00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S68F00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S71K00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S73U00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S76H00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S77Q00, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S3570M, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S16100, ThinkPad T14s 20T1S20400, ThinkPad T14s 20T10019AU, ThinkPad T14s 20UH000PAU, ThinkPad T14s 20UH000RAU, ThinkPad T14s 20UH000SAU, ThinkPad T14s 20UH000TAU, ThinkPad T14s 20UH000VAU, ThinkPad T14s 20UH000WAU, ThinkPad T14s 20UH000YAU, ThinkPad T14s 20UHCTO1WW, ThinkPad T14s 20UHS0BS00, ThinkPad T14s 20UHS0BT00, ThinkPad T14s 20UHS0BX00, ThinkPad T14s 20UHS0CM00, ThinkPad T14s 20UJ0005AU, ThinkPad T14s 20UJS0BB0G, ThinkPad T14s 20UJS0D200, ThinkPad T14s 20UJS0G101, ThinkPad T14s 20UJS0TB00, ThinkPad T14s 20UJS0XX0T, ThinkPad T14s 20UJS0XX0Y, ThinkPad T14s 20UJS01R0Y, ThinkPad T14s 20UJS09600, ThinkPad T14s 20UJS1AH0K, ThinkPad T14s 20UJS1E60G, ThinkPad T14s 20UJS1F20C, ThinkPad T14s 20UJS1JF00, ThinkPad T14s 20UJS1MF0F, ThinkPad T14s 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T490s-20NXS00V00, ThinkPad T490s-20NXS00W00, ThinkPad T490s-20NXS00800, ThinkPad T490s-20NXS01A00, ThinkPad T490s-20NXS01B00, ThinkPad T490s-20NXS01900, ThinkPad T490s-20NXS03F00, ThinkPad T490s-20NXS03G00, ThinkPad T490s-20NXS03H00, ThinkPad T490s-20NXS03J00, ThinkPad T490s-20NXS03K00, ThinkPad T490s-20NXS0300, ThinkPad T490s-20NXS09D00, ThinkPad T490s-20NXS09E00, ThinkPad T490s-20NXS1P00(, ThinkPad T490s-20NXS1PH00, ThinkPad T490s-20NXS27P00, ThinkPad T490s-20NY001FAU, ThinkPad T490s-20NY0015AU, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS0DM00, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS0J0A, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS0J0X, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS0U500, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS02A00, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS1J600, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS1KE00, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS1P600, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS1R900, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS1T91F, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS1TE00, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS1X40E, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS1XK09, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS2G107, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS2G207, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS2HJ01, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS2T01, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS2WM00, ThinkPad 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