A41-X550 Asus A41-X550A A450 P550 F550 k550 R510 X450 X550V A450C X550C X550A Generic Laptop Battery
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A41-X550 Asus A41-X550A A450 P550 F550 k550 R510 X450 X550V A450C X550C X550A Generic Laptop Battery

  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Grade A cells battery, 500+ recharge cycles over.
  • Warranty: 3 months.
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by CallWhatsAppEmail.

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  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Grade A cells battery, 500+ recharge cycles over.
  • Warranty: 3 months.
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by CallWhatsAppEmail.
COMPATIBLE PART NUMBERS :(use "ctrl+F" to find your model quickly)

0B110-00230000, 0B110-00230100, 0B110-00230200, 0B110-00230400, 0B110-00230500, 0B110-00230900, 0B110-00231100, A41-X550, A41-X550A, NBBOEM0060, X550D

FIT MODELS :(use "ctrl+F" to find your model quickly)

A450 A450c A450CA A450CC A450L A450LA A450LAV A450LB A450LC A450LD A450V A450VB A450VC A450VE A550 A550C A550CA A550CC A550CL A550EA A550EP A550IK A550IU A550JD A550JF A550JK A550JX A550L A550LA A550LAV A550LB A550LC A550LD A550LDV A550LN A550MD A550MJ A550V A550VB A550VC A550VL A550VQ A550VX A550WA A550WE A552CA A552CC A552CL A552DP A552E A552EA A552JF A552JX A552LA A552LC A552LD A552LN A552MD A552MJ A552VB A552VC A552VX A552WA A552WE D450L D450LA D450LC D452C D452CP D452E D452EA D452EP D452V D452VP D551E D551EA D552C D552CL d552e D552EA D552EP D552JX D552LA D552LAV D552LB D552LC D552LD D552LN D552MD D552MJ D552V D552VB D552VC D552VL D552WA D552WE E450C E450CA E450CC E450LC E450MJ E550C E550CA E550CC E550LD F450 F450C F450CA F450CC F450L F450LA F450LB F450LC F450MJ F450V F450VB F450VC F450VE F452C F452CA F452CC F452E F452EA F452EP F452LC F452LD F452MJ F452V F452VP f550 F550C f550ca F550CC F550CL F550E F550EA F550EP F550IK F550IU F550JD F550JF F550JK F550JX F550L F550LA F550LAV F550LB F550LC F550LDV F550LN F550LNV F550MD F550MJ F550V F550VB F550VC F550VL F550VQ F550VX F550WA F550WE F552 F552C F552CA F552CC F552CL F552DP F552E F552IU F552JD F552JF F552JK F552JX F552LA F552LAV F552LB F552LC F552LD F552LDV F552LN F552MD F552MJ F552V F552VB F552VC F552VL F552W F552WA F552WE FX50 FX50J FX50JK FX50JX FX550CC FX550DP FX550EA FX550EP FX550IK FX550IU FX550JD FX550JF FX550JK FX550JX FX550LA FX550MJ FX550VQ FX550VX GL542VX K450 K450C K450CA K450CC K450JF K450L K450LB K450LC K450LN K450MJ K450V K450VB K450VC K450VE K550 k550c K550CC K550IK K550J K550JD K550JK K550L K550LA K550LB K550LC K550LN K550MD K550MJ K550V K550VC K550VL K550VQ K550VX K550WA K550WE K550ZA K550ZE K552E K552EA K552M K552MD K552MJ P450 P450C P450CC P450L P450LA P450LB P450LC P450LD P450LDV P450MJ P450V P450VB P450VC P550 P550C P550CA P550CC P550L P550LA P550LAV P550LC P550LD P552E P552EP Pro550 Pro550C Pro550CA Pro550CC R409 R409C R409CA R409CC R409L R409LC R409LD R409MJ R409V R412 R412E R412EA R412EP R412M R412MD R412MJ R510 R510C R510CA R510CC R510CL R510D R510DP R510E R510EA R510EP R510IK R510JD R510JF R510JK R510JX R510L R510LA R510LAV R510LAVSB51 R510LB R510LC R510LD R510LN R510MD R510MJ R510V R510VB R510VL R510VX R510WA R510WE R513CA R513CC R513CL R513DP R513EA R513EP R513ES R513IU R513JD R513JF R513JK R513JX R513LA R513LAV R513LB R513LC R513LD R513LN R513MD R513MDSX039H R513MJ R513MJSX069H R513MJSX105D R513VB R513VC R513VL R513WA R513WASX111H R513WE W40C X450 x450c X450CA X450CA1A X450CA1B X450CA1C X450CA3D X450CA3E X450CA3F X450CA3G X450CA9A X450CC X450CP X450EA X450EA7K X450EA7L X450EP X450EP7K X450EP7L X450L X450LA XX316D Y481 Y481C Y481CA Y481CC Y481E3337CCSL Y481L Y481LC Y481LD Y481MJ Y481V Y481VC Y482 Y482C Y482CP Y482E Y482EA Y482EP Y581 Y581C Y581CC Y581L Y581LA Y581LB Y581LC Y582 Y582C Y582CA Y582CC Y582CL Y582CLSX272D Y582CLSX273D Y582CLSX273H Y582CLSX283H Y582DP Y582EA Y582EP Y582IU Y582JD Y582JF Y582JK Y582JX Y582LA Y582LAV Y582LB Y582LC Y582LD Y582LDSX259 Y582LN Y582MD Y582MJ Y582VB Y582VC Y582VL Y582WA Y582WE Y582ZA Y582ZE Y583L Y583LD A450CA-WX102D A450CA-WX103D A450CA-WX104D A450CA-WX105D A450CA-WX106D A450CA-WX107D A450CA-WX219D A450CA-WX243D A450CA-WX313D A450CA-WX314D A450CC-WX138H A450CC-WX145D A450CC-WX147D A450CC-WX152D A450CC-WX154D A450CC-WX155D A450CC-WX247D A450CC-WX249D A450CC-WX250D A450CC-WX261D A450E1007CC-SL A450E3217CC-SL A450E323VB-SL A450E323VC-SL A450E3337CC-SL A450E42JF-SL A450E47JF-SL A450LC-WX042H A450LC-WX043H A450LC-WX048D A450LC-WX049D A450LC-WX050D A450LC-WX051D A450LC-WX052D A450LC-WX053D A450LC-WX054D A450LC-WX055D A450LC-WX083H A550CA-EB51 A550CA-XO684H A550CA-XX566H A550CA-XX580H A550CA-XX657V A550CC-XO1303H A550CC-XX307 A550CC-XX309 A550CC-XX470D A550CC-XX471D A550CC-XX530H A550CC-XX544H A550C-XX837H A550JK-DM138H A550JK-XX142D A550JX-DM096H A550JX-DM342T A550JX-XX142D A550JX-XX145D A550LC-XX179H A550LC-XX180H A550LC-XX181H A550LC-XX262H A550LC-XX316D A550LDV-XO615D A550LDV-XX498H A550LDV-XX499H A550LDV-XX500H A550LDV-XX570H A550LDV-XX571H A550LDV-XX617H A550LDV-XX618H A550LDV-XX757H A550LDV-XX761H A550LDV-XX764D A550LDV-XX767D A550LDV-XX857D A550LDV-XX858D A550LD-XO079H A550LD-XO134D A550LD-XX077D A550LD-XX077H A550LD-XX078D A550LD-XX078H A550LD-XX249H A550LD-XX318H A550VQ-XX006D A550VQ-XX010D A550VX-DM159D A550VX-DM437 A550VX-DM660T A550VX-GO635 A550VX-GO637 A550VX-XX053D A550VX-XX286D A550VX-XX326D A550X1007CC-SL A550X3217CC-SL A550X3337CC-SL A550XI323VB-SL A550XI323VC-SL D452VP-VP3110 D452VP-VX018H D552CL-SX190H F450CA-WX287P F450JF-WX016H F452EA-VX021H F550CA-CJ687H F550CA-CJ863H F550CA-CJ965H F550CA-SX040H F550CA-SX079H f550ca-xo416h F550CA-XX077H F550CA-XX078D F550CA-XX078H F550CA-XX079H F550CA-XX080H F550CA-XX134H F550CA-XX213H F550CC-CJ1193H F550CC-CJ832H F550CC-XX066H F550CC-XX080H F550CC-XX086H F550CC-XX1024H F550CC-XX117H F550CC-XX118H F550CC-XX125H F550CC-XX999H F550IU-DM111T F550JK-DM018H F550JK-DM098H F550JK-DM112D F550JK-DM152D F550JK-DM161H F550JK-DM205H F550JK-XO165H F550JX-DM020D F550JX-DM021D F550JX-DM091H F550JX-DM169D F550JX-DM247D F550JX-DM249D F550JX-XX088H F550LAV-XO440H F550LAV-XO815H F550LAV-XX385H F550LAV-XX426H F550LAV-XX444H F550LAV-XX455H F550LA-XO005H F550LA-XO068H F550LA-XO174H F550LA-XO249H F550LA-XO261G F550LA-XO297H F550LA-XX018H F550LA-XX078D F550LB-XO070H F550LB-XO144H F550LB-XO145H F550LB-XX075H F550LB-XX076H F550LB-XX082D F550LB-XX082H F550LB-XX084H F550LC-XO078H F550LC-XO111H F550LC-XO305H F550LC-XX044H F550LC-XX078D F550LC-XX086H F550LC-XX089H F550LC-XX129H F550LC-XX166H F550LC-XX207H F550LC-XX238H F550LDV-DM537H F550LDV-X0636H F550LDV-XO637H F550LDV-XO870H F550LDV-XO985H F550LDV-XO989H F550LDV-XX482H F550LDV-XX483H F550LDV-XX484H F550LDV-XX486H F550LDV-XX487H F550LDV-XX494H F550LDV-XX562H F550LDV-XX591H F550LDV-XX849H F550LDV-XX881H F550LDV-XX884H F550LDV-XX918H F550LDV-XX920H F550LDV-XX943H F550LDV-XX953H F550LDV-XX967H F550LDV-XX987H F550LN-CN109H F550LN-CN89H F550LN-DM130H F550LNV-DM210H F550LNV-DM211H F550LNV-DM456H F550LNV-XO207H F550LNV-XO209H F550LNV-XO271H F550LNV-XO272H F550LNV-XO569H F550LNV-XX544H F550LNV-XX570H F550LN-XO108H F550LN-XX017H F550LN-XX023H F550LN-XX077H F550LN-XX131D F550LN-XX132D F550VB-XX011H F550VB-XX027H F550VB-XX028H F550VB-XX029H F550VB-XX039D F550VC-XX035H F550VQ-DM008T F550VQ-NH52 F550VX-DM102D F550VX-DM103D F550VX-DM390T F550VX-DM443T F550VX-DM445T F550VX-DM587T F550VX-DM588T F550VX-DM604T F550WA-CJ049H F552CL-SX015H F552CL-SX016H F552CL-SX017H F552CL-SX029H F552CL-SX034H F552CL-SX049H F552CL-SX060D F552CL-SX061H F552CL-SX063H F552CL-SX070H F552CL-SX090H F552CL-SX092H F552CL-SX102H F552CL-SX138H F552CL-SX154H F552CL-SX170H F552CL-SX236H F552CL-SX257H F552CL-SX314H F552CL-SX368H F552CL-SX370H F552CL-SX372H F552CL-SX375H F552CL-XX210H F552CL-XX211H F552CL-XX303H F552CL-XX328H F552CL-XX331H F552CL-XX341H F552EA-SX023H F552EA-SX039D F552EA-SX039H F552EA-SX040H F552EA-SX077H F552EA-SX087H F552EA-SX101H F552EA-SX180H F552EA-SX190H F552EA-SX196H F552EA-SX284D F552EA-SX292B F552EA-XX133D F552EA-XX133H F552EA-XX134H F552EA-XX217H F552EP-SX016H F552EP-SX018D F552EP-SX018H F552EP-SX071H F552EP-SX096H F552EP-SX121H F552EP-XX119H F552LAV-SX738H F552LAV-SX758H F552LAV-SX764H F552LAV-SX827H F552LAV-SX865H F552LAV-SX909H F552LAV-SX910H F552LAV-SX925H F552LAV-SX926H F552LAV-SX932H F552LAV-SX933H F552LD-SX219H F552LD-SX221H F552LDV-SX1001H F552LDV-SX1050H F552LDV-SX1058H F552LDV-SX1068H F552LDV-SX1081H F552LDV-SX1082H F552LDV-SX1124H F552LDV-SX1280H F552LDV-SX481H F552LDV-SX485H F552LDV-SX574H F552LDV-SX698H F552LDV-SX704H F552LDV-SX873H F552LDV-SX965H F552LDV-SX966H F552LD-XX447H F552MJ-SX028H F552MJ-SX039H F552MJ-SX039T F552MJ-SX052H F552MJ-SX052T F552MJ-SX062T F552MJ-SX064H F552WA-SX039H F552WA-SX040H F552WA-SX045H F552WA-SX063H F552WA-SX063T F552WA-SX071T F552WA-SX079H F552WA-SX089H F552WA-SX091H F552WA-SX151H F552WA-SX178T F552WA-SX18 F552WA-SX184T F552WA-SX185T F552WA-XX194T F552WE-SX018H F552WE-SX034H F552WE-SX039 F552WE-SX043H F552WE-SX054H F552WE-SX071H F552WE-SX085H F552WE-XX096T FX550IU-DM064T FX550IU-DM070T FX550IU-DM123 FX550IU-DM123T FX550IU-WSFX FX550VX-DM012T FX550VX-DM064T FX550VX-DM174D FX550VX-DM175T FX550VX-DM200T FX550VX-DM201T FX550VX-DM255T FX550VX-DM609T FX550VX-DM667T FX550VX-DM701 FX550VX-DM748T FX550VX-DM749 FX550VX-DM756T FX550VX-XX365T FX550VX-XX371T K450CA-BH21T K450CA-WX084D K450CA-WX084H K450CA-WX085D K450CA-WX085H K450CA-WX097H K450CC-WX170D K450CC-WX171D K450CC-WX258D K450CC-WX259D K450CC-WX263D K450JF-WX010H K450JF-WX013D K450JF-WX021H K450JF-WX022H K450LA-CA256H K450LA-MX040D K450LA-WX040D K450LB-WX017D K450LC-WX041D K450LC-WX046D K450LC-WX080D K450LD-WX077D K450LD-WX080D K450LD-WX094D K450LD-WX133D K550CA-DH31T K550CA-EH51T K550CA-RS51T K550CA-XX1043D K550CA-XX1044D K550CC-X1092H K550CC-XO1261H K550CC-XO1277H K550CC-XO1287H K550CC-XO1328H K550CC-XO337P K550CC-XO338H K550CC-XO338P K550CC-XX1092H K550CC-XX1173H K550CC-XX1329H K550CC-XX1331H K550CC-XX312D K550CC-XX315D K550CC-XX452H K550CC-XX453H K550CC-XX455H K550CC-XX485D K550CC-XX507H K550CC-XX509H K550CC-XX559H K550CC-XX666H K550CC-XX886H K550CC-XX888H K550JD-DH51 K550JD-DM028H K550JD-DM043H K550JD-XX003H K550JD-XX023D K550JD-XX023H K550JK-DH71 K550JK-DM013 K550JK-X0172H K550JK-XO002H K550JK-XO003H K550JK-XX027D K550JK-XX073H K550JK-XX109D K550JK-XX231D K550LA-DS51 K550LA-MS51T K550LA-MS52 K550LA-QS52 K550LA-TS71T K550LB-DS71 K550LB-XO183D K550LB-XX166H K550LB-XX167H K550LB-XX182D K550LC-DS51 K550LC-DS51-CA K550LC-XO168H K550LC-XX105D K550LC-XX264H K550VX6300-154ASCA2X10 K550VX-DM026D K550VX-DM027D K550VX-DM028D K550VX-DM028T K550VX-DM108T K550VX-DM115T K550VX-DM360D K550VX-DM360T K550VX-DM368T K550VX-DM376D K550VX-DM406T K550VX-DM407T K550VX-DM408D K550VX-DM409D K550VX-DM466T K550VX-DM467T K550VX-DM521 K550VX-DM649 K550VX-GO404T K550VX-GO405T K550VX-GO652T K550VX-WH71 K550VX-XX025D K550VX-XX090T K550VX-XX107T K550VX-XX142D K550VX-XX207T K550X1007CC-SL K550X4500LN-SL K550X555DP-SL K550X575DP-SL K550XI323VB-SL K550XI323VC-SL P450CA-WO160G P450CA-XH51 P550CA-X0274G P550CA-XH31 P550CA-XH51 P550CA-XH71 P550CA-XO330D P550CA-XO330G P550CA-XO456G P550CA-XO457G P550CA-XO482G P550CA-XO522D P550CA-XO522G P550CA-XO600G P550CA-XO601G P550CA-XO845G P550CA-XS51 P550CA-XS71 P550CA-XX390G P550CA-XX391G P550CC-XO1129G P550CC-XO1185 P550CC-XO1249G P550CC-XO1254P P550CC-XO558G P550CC-XO558H P550CC-XO680G P550CC-XO747G P550CC-XO989G P550CC-XX1117G P550CC-XX1321D P550CC-XX552G P550CC-XX555G P550-LAV-X04290 P550LAV-X0598G P550LAV-XB32 P550LAV-XB51 P550LAV-XB71 P550LAV-XH31 P550LAV-XH51 P550LAV-XO1028G P550LAV-XO1046H P550LAV-XO1047H P550LAV-XO397D P550LAV-XO397G P550LAV-XO397H P550LAV-XO429D P550LAV-XO429G P550LAV-XO429GA P550LAV-XO429H P550LAV-XO514D P550LAV-XO514G P550LAV-XO514H P550LAV-XO514X P550LAV-XO598D P550LAV-XO598G P550LAV-XO752G P550LAV-XO754G P550LAV-XO974D P550LAV-XO974G P550LAV-XO974H P550LAV-XX1009G P550LAV-XX390G P550LAV-XX391G P550LAV-XX599D P550LAV-XX765D P550LAV-XX786G P550LAV-XX787G P550LAV-XX893G P550L-XO429H Pro P550LDV-XO1025G Pro P550LDV-XO1303G Pro P550LDV-XO515G Pro P550LDV-XO516G R409CA-WX180H R409CC-WX279H R409CC-WX298H R409CC-WX306H R409LC-W118H R409LDV-WX260H R409LD-WX106H R510CA-CJ679H R510CA-CJ860H R510CA-CJ862H R510CA-HS31 R510CA-RB51 R510CA-SS51 R510CA-XX174H R510CA-XX187H R510CA-XX345H R510CC-XX098H R510CC-XX406H R510CC-XX439H R510CC-XX456H R510CC-XX466H R510CC-XX476H R510CC-XX483H R510CC-XX516H R510CC-XX518H R510CC-XX520H R510CC-XX647H R510CC-XX810H R510DP-FH11 R510DP-WH11 R510DP-X0169H R510DP-XO086H R510DP-XO169H R510DP-XX029H R510DP-XX036H R510DP-XX047H R510DP-XX118D R510DP-XX118H R510IK-LHFX R510IU-DM023D R510IU-DM023T R510IU-DM025T R510IU-DM031D R510IU-DM031T R510IU-DM065T R510IU-GO052T R510IU-LSFX R510JD-XX030H R510JD-XX050H R510JD-XX051H R510JF-DM020 R510JF-DM024 R510JF-DM025 R510JF-DM026 R510JF-XX018H R510JF-XX018T R510JF-XX019 R510JF-XX034T R510JK-DM009H R510JK-DM011D R510JK-DM070H R510JK-DM071H R510JK-DM086H R510JK-DM087H R510JK-DM088 R510JK-DM089 R510JK-DM122H R510JK-DM143H R510JK-DM145D R510JK-DM154D R510JK-DM155D R510JK-DM177H R510JK-DM187H R510JK-DM214H R510JK-XO224H R510JK-XX142H R510JK-XX156H R510JK-XX176H R510JK-XX179H R510JK-XX190H R510JK-XX191H R510JK-XX207H R510JK-XX235D R510JX-DM044H R510JX-DM069H R510JX-DM084H R510JX-DM085H R510JX-DM092H R510JX-DM149H R510JX-DM225T R510JX-DM230T R510JX-DM241D R510JX-DM242D R510JX-DM300D R510JX-DM301D R510JX-DM302T R510JX-DM327T R510JX-XX087H R510JX-XX107H R510JX-XX150H R510JX-XX151H R510JX-XX344T R510LA-RS51 R510LA-RS71 R510LAV-SB51 R510LAV-XO402H R510LAV-XO403H R510LAV-XO882H R510LAV-XX421H R510LAV-XX443H R510LAV-XX807HS R510LAV-XX809H R510LAV-XX810H R510LAV-XX811H R510LAV-XX843H R510LAV-XX922H R510LAV-XX962H R510LA-XX038H R510LA-XX088H R510LB-XO039H R510LB-XO109H R510LB-XO141D R510LB-XO141H R510LB-XO141V R510LB-XO142H R510LB-XO154H R510LB-XX012H R510LB-XX036H R510LB-XX037H R510LB-XX126H R510LB-XX146H R510LB-XX153H R510LB-XX159H R510LB-XX173D R510LC-XO209D R510LC-XO209H R510LC-XO209V R510LC-XO308H R510LC-XX076H R510LC-XX084H R510LC-XX177H R510LC-XX224H R510LC-XX226H R510LC-XX234H R510LC-XX306H R510LC-XX329H R510LD-CN021H R510LDV-XX1062H R510LDV-XX919H R510LDV-XX923H R510LDV-XX929H R510LDV-XX930H R510LDV-XX931H R510LD-XO164H R510LD-XO166H R510LD-XO223H R510LD-XO384H R510LD-XX095H R510LD-XX162H R510LD-XX283H R510LD-XX284H R510LN-CN092H R510LN-DM166H R510LNV-DM228H R510LNV-DM560H R510LNV-XO554H R510LNV-XO555H R510LNV-XO555V R510LNV-XO559H R510LNV-XO563H R510LNV-XX558H R510LNV-XX588H R510LN-XO101H R510LN-XO102H R510LN-XO103H R510LN-XX037H R510LN-XX112H R510VB-XO015H R510VB-XX030H R510VC-XO059H R510VC-XX112H R510VC-XX124H R510VX-DM004D R510VX-DM005D R510VX-DM006D R510VX-DM008T R510VX-DM010T R510VX-DM050T R510VX-DM098T R510VX-DM133T R510VX-DM151D R510VX-DM169D R510VX-DM205D R510VX-DM205T R510VX-DM236T R510VX-DM264TC R510VX-DM316T R510VX-DM343T R510VX-DM439T R510VX-DM449T R510VX-DM508T R510VX-DM517T R510VX-DM527T R510VX-DM528T R510VX-DM530 R510VX-DM555T R510VX-DM578 R510VX-DM679D R510VX-DM762 R510VX-XX007T R510VX-XX232T R513CL-SX005H R513CL-SX120H R513CL-SX152H R513CL-SX188H R513CL-SX189H R513CL-SX203H R513CL-SX204H R513CL-SX219H R513CL-SX373H R513CL-XX212H R513CL-XX260H R513CL-XX305H R513CL-XX305V R513CL-XX320H R513CL-XX340H R513EA-SX069D R513EA-SX105D R513Ea-Sx105H R513EA-SX105V R513EA-SX106H R513EA-SX129D R513EA-SX129H R513EA-SX277B R513EP-SX052H R513EP-SX053D R513EP-SX053H R513EP-SX101H R513EP-SX127D R513MD-SX039H R513MJ-SX069H R513MJ-SX105D R513WA-SX111H ROG GL542VX-DM219T ROG GL542VX-DM435D VivoBook K550IK-DM043T VivoBook K550IK-GO017T X450CA-1A X450CA-1B X450CA-1C X450CA-3D X450CA-3E X450CA-3F X450CA-3G X450CA-9A X450CA-CA122H X450CA-CA183H X450CA-WX003D X450CA-WX004D X450CA-WX005D X450CA-WX008D X450CA-WX008H X450CA-WX009 X450CA-WX092H X450CA-WX109D X450CA-WX110D X450CA-WX137D X450CA-WX214D X450CA-WX242D X450CA-WX243D X450CA-WX312D X450CA-WX325D X450CC-1A X450CC-1B X450CC-1C X450CC-3D X450CC-3E X450CC-3F X450CC-3G X450CC-9A X450CC-CA167H X450CC-CA179H X450CC-WX007D X450CC-WX009D X450CC-WX009H X450CC-WX016H X450CC-WX017H X450CC-WX026 X450CC-WX035H X450CC-WX037D X450CC-WX049H X450CC-WX064H X450CC-WX142D X450CC-WX143D X450CC-WX181H X450CC-WX232 X450CC-WX258D X450CC-WX281H X450CC-WX283D X450CC-WX284D X450CC-WX313D X450EA-7K X450EA-7L X450EP-7K X450EP-7L X450LA-1A X450LA-1B X450LA-1C X450LA-3D X450LA-3G X450LA-7K X450LA-7L X450LA-9A X450LA-WO104D X450LA-WX017 X450LA-WX021 X450LA-WX021H X450LA-WX030 X450LA-WX084H X450LA-WX196D X450LB-007H X450LB-1A X450LB-3G X450LB-WX007H X450LB-WX012H X450LB-WX019H X450LB-WX023H X450LC-1A X450LC-1AWX X450LC-1B X450LC-3D X450LC-3E X450LC-3F X450LC-3G X450LC-BRA-WX063H X450LC-WX012H X450LC-WX014D X450LC-WX014H X450LC-WX035D X450LC-WX035H X450LC-WX037H X450LC-WX039D X450LC-WX070D X450LC-WX117D X450LD-1A X450LD-1B X450LD-1C X450LD-1CWO X450LD-3D X450LD-3E X450LD-3F X450LD-3G X450LD-7K X450LD-7L X450LD-9A X450LD-CA224H x450LDV-WX175H X450LD-WX007H X450LD-WX025D X450LD-WX029D X450LD-WX032D X450LD-WX083D X450LD-WX084H X450LD-WX085H X450LD-WX112H X450LN-1A X450LN-1B X450LN-3D X450LN-3E X450LN-3F X450LN-3G X450LN-4200u X450LN-WX003H X450LN-WX025D X450LN-WX026D X450LN-WX031H X450LN-WX034H X450MD-7K X450MD-7L X450V-0200 X450VB-3B X450VB-3D X450VC-1A X450VC-1B X450VP-7K X450VP-7L X452EA-VX002D X452EA-VX008D X452EA-VX017D X452EA-VX018D X452EA-VX026D X452EA-VX027D X452EA-VX043D X452EA-VX044D X452EA-VX078B X452EA-VX082D X452EA-VX085D X452EA-VX086D X452EA-VX091B X550CA-1A X550CA-1B X550CA-1C X550CA-3E X550CA-3F X550CA-3G X550CA-9B X550CA-9F X550CA-CJ677H X550CA-DB31 X550CA-DB51 X550CA-DB71 X550CA-DB91 X550CA-DXO266H X550CA-SI30303T X550CA-SI30304R X550CA-SI50304V X550CA-SPD0304U X550CA-WB51 X550CA-X0153H X550CA-X0243H X550CA-X0266H X550CA-XO081H X550CA-XO086H X550CA-XO113H X550CA-XO153H X550CA-XO266H X550CA-XX091H X550CA-XX092H X550CA-XX101H X550CA-XX102H X550CA-XX103H X550CA-XX110D X550CA-XX154H X550CA-XX194D X550CA-XX230H X550CA-XX249H X550CA-XX258D X550CA-XX322H X550CA-XX417H 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X550IU-GO098T X550JD-0021B4200H X550JD-1A X550JD-1B X550JD-XO011H X550JD-XO025H X550JF-1B X550JF-MS71 X550JK-1A X550JK-1B X550JK-3J X550JK-DH71 X550JK-DM030H X550JK-DM034H X550JK-DM081H X550JK-DM132H X550JK-DM175H X550JK-DM211H X550JK-XO004D X550JK-XO012D X550JK-XO031D X550JX-1A X550JX-1B X550JX-3H X550JX-3J X550JX-DM009T X550JX-DM028H X550JX-DM071H X550JX-DM089H X550JX-DM132H X550JX-DM133H X550JX-DM134H X550JX-DM161H X550JX-DM202D X550JX-DM244T X550JX-DM288D X550JX-DM290D X550JX-DM71 X550JX-XX016D X550JX-XX031D X550JX-XX048D X550JX-XX126D X550JX-XX131D X550JX-XX171D X550L DV-XX506H X550LA-1B X550LA-1C X550LA-3E X550LA-3F X550LA-3G X550LA-7K X550LA-7L X550LA-9B X550LA-DH51 X550LA-DH71 X550LA-RI5T25 X550LA-RI7T27 X550LAV-CJ645H X550LAV-XO471H X550LAV-XX384H X550LAV-XX413D X550LAV-XX447D X550LAV-XX451D X550LAV-XX617H X550LAV-XX618H X550LAV-XX771D X550LAV-XX772D X550LAV-XX798H X550LAV-XX853H X550LAV-XX855H X550LA-XH51 X550LA-XO012H X550LA-XO013H X550LA-XO024H X550LA-XO035H X550LA-XO037H 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X550LDV-XX604H X550LDV-XX607H X550LDV-XX608H X550LDV-XX623D X550LDV-XX658H X550LDV-XX754H X550LDV-XX826D X550LDV-XX827D X550LDV-XX860D X550LDV-XX916H X550LD-XO034H X550LD-XO157H X550LD-XO170H X550LD-XO298H X550LD-XO552H X550LD-XX023H X550LD-XX054H X550LD-XX064D X550LD-XX082D X550LD-XX144D X550LD-XX191H X550LD-XX301H X550LN-1B X550LN-1C X550LN-CN121H X550LNV-DM211H X550LNV-DM276H X550LNV-XO191H X550LNV-XO209H X550LNV-XO226D X550LNV-XO562H X550LN-XO033H X550LN-XO035H X550LN-XO105 X550LN-XO106 X550LN-XX003H X550LN-XX011H X550LN-XX023H X550LN-XX030H X550LN-XX031D X550LN-XX031H X550LN-XX057H X550LN-XX097H X550MD-7A X550MD-7K X550MD-7L X550MJ-7B X550MJ-7K X550MJ-7L X550VB-1B X550VB-X0016H X550VB-XO002H X550VB-XO003D X550VB-XO016H X550VB-XO035 X550VB-XO043D X550VB-XX002H X550VB-XX010D X550VB-XX019D X550VB-XX044D X550VB-XX045D X550VB-XX046H X550VB-XX047H X550VC-1A X550VC-1B X550VC-X0007H X550VC-X0019H X550VC-XO007H X550VC-XO007P X550VC-XO007V X550VC-XO019H X550VC-XO048H X550VC-XO065H X550VC-XX014H X550VC-XX034H X550VC-XX076H X550VL-7B X550VL-7K X550VL-7L X550VQ-1B X550VQ-3H X550VQ-3J X550VQ-XX009T X550VQ-XX016D X550VX-1A X550VX-1B X550VX-3H X550VX-3I X550VX-3J X550VX-DM069D X550VX-DM073D X550VX-DM074D X550VX-DM080T X550VX-DM096T X550VX-DM097T X550VX-DM111T X550VX-DM113T X550VX-DM117T X550VX-DM187D X550VX-DM187T X550VX-DM188D X550VX-DM235T X550VX-DM248T X550VX-DM254D X550VX-DM263T X550VX-DM277D X550VX-DM303D X550VX-DM324D X550VX-DM335T X550VX-DM414T X550VX-DM415T X550VX-DM443T X550VX-DM479T X550VX-DM484T X550VX-DM504 X550VX-DM539T X550VX-DM551T X550VX-DM567 X550VX-DM619T X550VX-DM629 X550VX-DM630T X550VX-DM654 X550VX-DM687T X550VX-DM692D X550VX-DM701D X550VX-DS71 X550VX-MH71 X550VX-XX015D X550VX-XX067D X550VX-XX068D X550VX-XX071D X550VX-XX072D X550VX-XX106D X550VX-XX147D X550VX-XX275D X550VX-XX289D X550VX-XX304D X550WA-7A X550WA-7B X550WA-7K X550WA-7L X550WA-9B X550WA-CJ062H X550WA-CJ102H X550WE-7B X550WE-7K X550WE-7L X550X1007CC-SL X550X2117CC-SL X550X311VC-SL X550X3217CC-SL X550X3337CC-SL X550X401LC-SL X550X42LC-SL X550XI323VC-SL X552CL-SX013H X552CL-SX018D X552CL-SX018H X552CL-SX019D X552CL-SX022D X552CL-SX022H X552CL-SX029H X552CL-SX031D X552CL-SX033H X552CL-SX037H X552CL-SX047H X552CL-SX050H X552CL-SX051H X552CL-SX053D X552CL-SX065H X552CL-SX070H X552CL-SX104D X552CL-SX105D X552CL-SX106H X552CL-SX113D X552CL-SX124H X552CL-SX127H X552CL-SX149H X552CL-SX153H X552CL-SX173H X552CL-SX282H X552CL-XX215D X552CL-XX216D X552EA-DB11 X552EA-SX004H X552EA-SX005D X552EA-SX006D X552EA-SX006H X552EA-SX007D X552EA-SX009D X552EA-SX015H X552EA-SX021H X552EA-SX061H X552EA-SX088H X552EA-SX154H X552EA-XX117D X552EA-XX133H X552EA-XX134H X552EA-XX206H X552EP-SX007H X552EP-SX018D X552EP-SX023H X552EP-SX037H X552EP-SX044D X552EP-SX125D X552EP-SX140H X552LA-SX763H X552LAV-AH31 X552LAV-SX370H X552LAV-SX394H X552LAV-SX395D X552LA-VSX652D X552LAV-SX821H X552LAV-SX838D X552LAV-SX839H X552LAV-SX847D X552LAV-SX947D X552LAV-SX950D X552LAV-SX961D X552LB-X0113D X552LB-XO071H X552LC-SX018D X552LC-XO220H X552LC-XX104D X552LC-XX327H X552LDV-SX1052H X552LDV-SX470D X552LDV-SX567H X552LDV-SX581D X552LDV-SX638H X552LDV-SX750H X552LDV-SX752H X552LDV-SX829D X552LDV-SX863H X552LDV-SX937H X552MD-SX008D X552MD-SX011D X552MD-SX017D X552MD-SX018H X552MD-SX019D X552MD-SX020D X552MD-SX045D X552MD-SX060H X552MD-SX062H X552MD-SX063H X552MD-SX064H X552MD-SX068D X552MD-SX070D X552MD-SX073D X552MD-SX077D X552MD-SX082D X552MD-SX088H X552MD-SX096D X552MD-SX098D X552MD-SX105D X552MD-SX106D X552MD-SX115D X552MD-SX116H X552MD-SX128H X552MD-SX131H X552MJ-SX001D X552MJ-SX002H X552MJ-SX004D X552MJ-SX005D X552MJ-SX005H X552MJ-SX006D X552MJ-SX006T X552MJ-SX009D X552MJ-SX011T X552MJ-SX012D X552MJ-SX025D X552MJ-SX036H X552MJ-SX040H X552MJ-SX041H X552MJ-SX042H X552MJ-SX051T X552MJ-SX053H X552MJ-SX054H X552MJ-SX075T X552MJ-SX076T X552MJ-SX087D X552MJ-SX093D X552WA-DH41 X552WA-QSA2 X552WA-SX003B X552WA-SX015 X552WA-SX019D X552WA-SX021H X552WA-SX034D X552WA-SX043D X552WA-SX044D X552WA-SX050B X552WA-SX056H X552WA-SX057D X552WA-SX061D X552WA-SX066D X552WA-SX076D X552WA-SX077D X552WA-SX089H X552WA-SX092H X552WE-SX007D X552WE-SX007H X552WE-SX009D X552WE-SX010D X552WE-SX013D X552WE-SX013H X552WE-SX017H X552WE-SX021H X552WE-SX022D X552WE-SX034H X552WE-SX036D X552WE-SX037D X552WE-SX038D X552WE-SX046H X552WE-SX055H X552WE-SX068D X552WE-SX069H Y481E3337CC-SL Y582CL-SX272D Y582CL-SX273D Y582CL-SX273H Y582CL-SX283H Y582LD-SX259

Wholesale & Retail.


To return your product, you should mail your product to: EliveBuyIND Siris Pvt Ltd.,
SHOP NO.4.,2nd Floor, Revlon Professional Plaza Building, Biashara Street, CBD Town, Nairobi, KENYA

You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are non-refundable. If you receive a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund.

Depending on where you live, the time it may take for your exchanged product to reach you, may vary.

If you are shipping an item over Ksh 7500, you should consider using a trackable shipping service or purchasing shipping insurance. We don’t guarantee that we will receive your returned item.


Our policy lasts 30 days. If 30 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange.

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.

Several types of goods are exempt from being returned. Perishable goods such as food, flowers, newspapers or magazines cannot be returned. We also do not accept products that are intimate or sanitary goods, hazardous materials, or flammable liquids or gases.

Additional non-returnable items:
- Gift cards
- Downloadable software products
- Some health and personal care items

To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase.
Please do not send your purchase back to the manufacturer.

There are certain situations where only partial refunds are granted (if applicable)
- Book with obvious signs of use
- CD, DVD, VHS tape, software, video game, cassette tape, or vinyl record that has been opened
- Any item not in its original condition, is damaged or missing parts for reasons not due to our error
- Any item that is returned more than 30 days after delivery

Refunds (if applicable):

Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item. We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund.
If you are approved, then your refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, within a certain amount of days.

Late or missing refunds (if applicable):

If you haven’t received a refund yet, first check your bank account again.
Then contact your credit card company, it may take some time before your refund is officially posted.
Next contact your bank. There is often some processing time before a refund is posted.
If you’ve done all of this and you still have not received your refund yet, please contact us at ebuykenya2018@gmail.com.

Sale items (if applicable):

Only regular priced items may be refunded, unfortunately sale items cannot be refunded.

Exchanges (if applicable):

We only replace items if they are defective or damaged. If you need to exchange it for the same item, send us an email at ebuykenya2018@gmail.com and send your item to: EliveBuyIND Siris Pvt Ltd.,
SHOP NO.4.,2nd Floor, Revlon Professional Plaza Building, Biashara Street, CBD Town, Nairobi, KENYA


If the item was marked as a gift when purchased and shipped directly to you, you’ll receive a gift credit for the value of your return. Once the returned item is received, a gift certificate will be mailed to you.

If the item wasn’t marked as a gift when purchased, or the gift giver had the order shipped to themselves to give to you later, we will send a refund to the gift giver and he will find out about your return.

For any Return or Replacement Click Here